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About On the Bayou

02/04/2019. What this blog is about is still forming in my head, heart, and soul as I’m still in the process of setting it up. Up to this point in my life, it has been poetry (on my main blog at but I wanted to write about something deeper, something that overwhelms me, something that compels me to write here.

That something is God. Is Jesus Christ. Is the kingdom of God which is more real than all that we see, do, or say a word at a time.

So, I wrote this today so you’d have something to read when you visit until I get things up and running. Life on the bayou takes time. I’m new here. I can hear the mid-afternoon train whistle working its way through town. The dense morning fog never really lifted. It merely shifted into a cloudy humid day. A hot day for February.

I will write about life, love, and hope because God is present in all areas, all details of life whether you can see him or not. Absolute truth cannot be debated or argued; it can only be declared.

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